ASTN Machining s.r.o.

ASTN Machining s.r.o.

Custom CNC machining

CNC Turning

CNC turning

We turn different kinds of materials, especially free-cutting and structural steels, aluminum, brass, and stainless steel. The maximum machined diameter is 65 mm made of bar material and the length of the workpiece is 350 mm. The blanks are up to 90 mm in diameter and 200 mm in length.



Milling is a supplement to our turning centers. We usually cut flats, grooves or external square and hexagon on our turned parts. We can offer even more complex milled shapes according to demand.



We are focused on drilling holes of various diameters and lengths. Drill holes up to 400 mm deep from one side of the workpiece (without transitions in the hole).



ASTN Machining s.r.o. was founded on November 24, 2017, based on the idea of Adam Ságner and Tomáš Novosad, to try it so-called "on your own". The launch of the project was helped by financial support from investors Mgr. Ing. Igor Schulmeister and Mgr. Jaroslav Řehoř and also a family space serving as a workshop.


The field of business of the company is custom CNC machining. Currently, we have one CNC multifunctional turning center Hyundai WIA LM1800TTSY with spindle passage dia. 65 mm and one CNC machine Hanwha XD32 II-H with a spindle passage of 32 mm. Turned parts are controlled by the VICI VISION MTL1 optical camera, which holds a workpiece with a diameter of 60 mm and a length of 300 mm.

  • Truning centerHyundai turning center
    Hyundai turning center

    Hyundai WIA LM1800TTSY

    Multiprocessing turning center

    Main spindle chuck diameter 8"
    Counter spindle chuck diameter 8"
    Maximum bar diameter 65 / 65 mm
    Maximum machined diameter 230 / 230 mm
    Main spindle speed 5000 ot/min
    Counter spindle speed 5000 ot/min
    Power on main spindle 22 / 11 kW
    Power on counterspindle 22 / 11 kW
    Maximum torque 358 N.m
  • CNC automatic lathe Hanwha automatic lathe
    Hanwha XD32 II-H

    Hanwha XD32 II-H

    CNC automatic lathe

    Maximum machined diameter 32 mm
    Number of axes 5
    Number of channels  
    Main spindle stroke 320 mm
    Counter spindle stroke 280 mm
    Main spindle speed 6500 ot/min
    Counter spindle speed 6500 ot/min
    Main spindle power 5.5 kW / 7.5 kW
    Counterspindle power 5.5 kW / 7.5 kW
    Machine weight 3600 kg
    Control system FANUC
  • Turning centerTurning center SE2200LMS

    Hyundai WIA SE2200LMS

    Turning center

    Main spindle chuck diameter 8"
    Counter spindle chuck diameter 5"
    Maximum bar diameter 65 / 32 mm
    Maximum machined diameter 300 mm
    Maximum machined length 508 mm
    Main spindle speed 4500 ot/min
    Counter spindle speed 6000 ot/min
    Mass 3750 kg

  • Optical camera VICI VISION optical camera


    Optical measuring equipment

    Measurement of rotary parts up to diameter 60 mm and length 300 mm.

  • Marking machine Micro-impact marking machine ec1

    Micro-impact marking machine ec1

    Marking machine

    Electromagnetic micro-impact marking of small and medium parts of any kind of material from plastic to hardened steel up to 62 Hrc.

    High adjustable column: up to 300 mmec1 cattle
    Marking window: 120 x 100 mm
    Weight: 16 kg
    Nib: carbide 80 mm
    Rotary axis for parts: diameter up to 150 mm or weight 3 kg
    Power input: 100 W
    Power supply: 110V or 220 V (50-60 Hz)

Production examples

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Company management

Managing Director

Tomáš Novosad

Managing Director
+420 607 016 051

Managing Director

Adam Ságner

Managing Director
+420 607 016 052

Managing Director

Mgr. Ing. Igor Schulmeister

Managing Director, Financial management

Managing Director

Mgr. Jaroslav Řehoř

Managing Director, Financial management

ASTN Machining s.r.o.

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